Monday, October 8, 2012

Guide Your Kids Accordingly rather than Sorry

I just saw this post and it shocked me. I guess you do too. (Read the image below)

Things like this happen because of parents’ or let’s just say guardians’ carelessness towards their kids. When I read this news, what ran in my mind was to keep my attention to my kids whenever they play especially with my eldest one who is really harsh in terms of revenge thing.  He always makes our younger brother cry. That’s why every time they play, I always make sure that those things that may cause such the image above are far from them and can NEVER be reached by them.

Aside from that, I also make sure baby M is away from them whenever they play since I’m afraid that accidents such this will happen to us. I don’t know what to do if ever. But nevertheless, this incident will never happen if I’ll be careful in taking care of them at the same time my full attention is with them.

So to parents and guardians out there, please guide your children accordingly especially if they are at the stage of curiosity…  Perhaps, let’s do actions with them rather than sorry.

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