Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Children, My Life

Being a mom has never been easy. I knew that even before when I was still a kid. There are lots of stuffs to sacrifice and so other things as well that are bounded for me to experience. Yet, I still choose to pursue what I am having right now.

There are options to choose for. And it depends on us on what path to select on. Although, sometimes I envy other people who happens to be same age as mine and enjoying their freedom I still never regret of having my 2 kids with me.

One of the happiest moment I ever experienced in my life was the first time I hear the cry and laughter of my 2 angels. Probably, moms out there felt the same way too as mine.

Meanwhile, becoming at this point where I am right now has never become as easy as what you all think of. Having my son with me is my will. (Funny, huh?) At the early age of 17 I dreamed of having a child already and so it did happen. At first I was worried since his father is not okay with what I have planned out then I was almost tempted to abort my son. Yet, thanks to my 2 BFFs who were there for me to continue my pregnancy. Later on, I got pregnant again after my son turned 1. Though, I was trying to control still it happened.

There, I made the most crucial sin I've ever made in my entire life. The time I knew I was pregnant, my world seems so hopeless. I actually don't know what to do. What keeps on crossing in my mind is that, I want to go back to school and finish my studies. Until I decided to abort my baby. The worst is that, the father of my kids supported my decision which he should not do but instead disagree in the first place. After trying to abort my baby, fortunately, it was not successful as planned. We tried to abort the baby again, and then I finally decided to let the baby live as what s/he should be, whatever s/he may look like or s/he would be. He never agreed on me, but nothing else he can do... It's still my body and I am only the one who has right on it. Until he accepted what I have decided on. We went to a hospital for an ultrasound test, luckily the baby's vital signs are normal and according to the doctor my baby is healthy.

After 5 months, I got my second ultrasound test. I found out that I was having placenta previa. The doctor advised me to rest and not be stressed. She also requested me to have a repeat ultrasound test for update. Right after that visit, the father of my children and I had misunderstanding which result to separation.

I was expecting for it though. He'd been acting so irresponsible the time I told him that I am going to continue my pregnancy. A month before I am going to give birth, I went to Cathedral Church here in our place and I ask for God's forgiveness towards what I have done for my child. At the same time, I asked Him and Mama Mary that my baby will not be affected with what we've done to her. If ever I could just give my life in return, I will do.

The time I was scheduled for a Caesarean section to give birth, I don't know what to do because honestly I'm ashamed of what I have done to her. But despite of what had happened, I'm so thankful to God and Mama Mary that they heard my prayers. And I always thank God for his goodness not just to me and to my daughter but as well to those who believe in HIM too.

And now, I have a beautiful and wonderful DAUGHTER.

To all teenagers or perhaps, not prepared to have a child yet... don't engage yourself in premarital sex. If it happens you get pregnant by surprised, then let it be. Killing won't make you success neither free you from chagrin. Regretting will not either save you from your sin. Trust me, I did it too. You just don't know what's its consequences. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Being a Mom

Kuya G just turned 2 years old yesterday! :)

How time flies so fast, right? And I won't be surprised sooner when time comes he'd be bringing a girl at home for me to meet (lol, so advance)..

Any moms out there who have teenagers already? How'd you manage to raise them confidently without worrying about teenage urge or let's just say about peer pressure? Perhaps, most of you are currently encountering this for sure (if you do have teenagers) unless they are afraid of you..

At the early age of 18, I bear my first son and by then I reached 19 I got my second child (daughter), with the help of my mom and dad I was able to raise them without having any father figure nor father to them at all. And it was a great feeling that though I don't have someone with me I still manage to raise them. What I am afraid of is that I may not be able to lead their way to the right paths of their lives due to fatherless reason. I know that it depends on how we raise them, but you just can't take away from me the worries I feel inside especially that I have a daughter.

Being a mom is not an easy role. How much more when you are a single mom? Yet, this is one of the most fulfilling jobs a woman could have in her entire life. I never regret of having my kids at very young age neither being committed with their father because without them, I am not right here writing this post neither felt the overflowing love I am feeling right now because of my angels. Though for some instances that my ex-partner and I had misunderstandings which end up to break up, I still thanked him that he had been part of my life. Because if he'[d not been there, probably I won't have Kuya G and Baby M with me.

I never dream of having a broken family but it just happen that we can't control our destiny. Although there are chances to make, options to choose and hope to trust, I'd still prefer to live alone with my kids rather than have another man in my life and leave my kids with my parents. Well, I'm not saying that all men are like these it just happened that I got a daughter and I don't want to hurt her just what every orphaned girls felt and I'm afraid that she'd feel the same way too in case of.

I told myself before whenever I have my second child again and if it's still a boy, probably I'd search for another man and this time marry him yet I guess it's not meant for me. And I'm not hoping for another man though, what I am hoping for is that I can raise my kids well and accordingly. I am hoping for that they won't get mad at me and get influenced by their friends which had happened to me. Frankly speaking, I don't want them to experience what I had before being their mother.

But still I believe that if we are there and ready to support them all the time for sure, we can bring them to right way. Just be a mother to them. Because being a mother is not just a role but a duty as well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RH Bill in My Own Opinion

RH Bill. What comes into your mind when you hear these words? Probably, some of you are PRO with this while others are against in it. But, let me ask you. What are your your reasons why'd you hate it or perhaps, okay with it?

First of all, I am a PRO to RH Bill. I am a single mom and for me, RH bill doesn't have to do with me. But for those who are having their partner with them-- this has something to do with you and should all consider.

I know, everyone of us has our own destiny in life and our existence has reason. Maybe for some of you, stick to God's words. Genesis 9:7 "As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it." (source:

In My Own Opinion
I am a christian, I also follow God's words but let's be realistic here and come to think of the present generation. Due to over population, a lot of discrepancies have happened each day. People force to do bad things because of less job opportunities.

What could be its connection? There, you'd ask yourself probably. There are two types of ways on how a person could earn money to buy all the needs for himself and his family, it's either work or invest a business.. But the common source of income everyone has is from working. If we work, we earn. And if we earn, we can buy all the things we need such as food which is mainly the important thing we need to live, clothes, pay for shelter and other obligations we have. Aside from that, we can send our kids to school with all the stuffs and materials they need to study well. With that, if we don't work, we can't earn. And if we don't earn, we can't eat, live the way we always wanted to have and to be comfortable everyday.

But due to over population, less job opportunities occur.. Because of over population, people force to do bad things.. Because of over population, a lot of children suffer from malnutrition. But because of over population, a lot of family suffer from hunger and end up dying.

RH Bill doesn't mean KILLING.But instead, RH Bill helps each of us to live the way we wanted to be, helps us to be successful the way we've been dreaming of and helps us to raise our family happily and healthy.

If we start to apply this one in our lives, a lot of positive changes will happen in our country and so to our lives as well. Children of future won't suffer from hunger anymore, everyone can go to school without having problems with their empty tummies and we can all provide the needs and even wants of our family.

Although, a lot of you still don't prefer this bill... please, when you come up with a big family and at the same time with big problems... don't blame our GOVERNMENT. Because the time you are making that so called love, you don't even bother invite them.. so why blame?

And for everyone's information, it's birth controlling, not killing. It comes with different methods as well which a couple could choose on which one to apply in planning their future.

Besides, birth control has been practiced by many already even before this RH bill had been approved. If you are thinking that this bill will kill a life, you should read what RH Bill is all about.. before you react without pointing any thoughts.

Anyway, I still respect others whom are against with this bill. You have your own opinion too and so do I. After all, it's your choice whether apply this method in building up a family or not. And it's not mandatory though.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share through commenting below.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome to Momee and Kids' Corner


Welcome to my family's blog. And today, is the official launch of Momee and Kids' Corner. Anyway, this blog will talk about my journey to single parenting to my 2 kids. And not just that, and to be an inspiration to every teenage mom and to those single moms out there too.

Aside from that, I will also share to you the tips how did my mom raised us- her parenting method, how she'd handle to raised us 6 kids without having any nannies with her while dad is working abroad and of course, my own tips too on how I manage to raise my kids without a man with me.

For everyone's info, I am a full time mom, freelancer by day and a blogger by night. And I really thanked those online jobs who never fail to support moms like me. And not just that, hopefully all my posts will inspire you all especially those young moms.

I hope to see you around reading my blog posts.