Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Breastfeeding for Babies

Breastfeeding has been practiced for long already. Women apply this particular method to those mothers who have babies since bottle feeding has not existed before. Aside from that, even though bottle feeding would exist, breastfeeding is still the best feeding method for infants below 6 months old.

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There are important details and information why breastfeeding should be implemented. And today, I’m going to share to you what are those benefits and facts why every mom should apply this.

Advantage of Breastfeeding to infants:

“Breast milk is the best milk for babies”. Indeed, this saying is definitely true. Aside from scientific explanation, it is also one way of building “mom and child” bonding at early age of the child.

One of the benefits a child could get from the breast milk of his or her mom is the colostrum. This is the thick yellowish in color substance that is made during pregnancy and right after giving birth. This is the most important substance every infant should have. This is their very vitamins; it is rich in nutrients and anti-bodies which will protect their body until they grow up. That makes it really important.

Unlike formulated milk, breast milk provides natural vitamins and nutrients which are needed by infants. Aside from that, it also produces enough mixture of fat, sugar and water wherein formulated milks don’t have the capability to produce.

Not just that, breast milk also protects our infants from possible diseases.

Breastfeeding doesn’t harm our kids. Unlike formulated milk, mother’s breast milk is easy to digest especially for premature babies. It avoids them to get gas pain compare in consuming formulated milk. With that, it is really important for a woman- to be exact a mother to rely on her milk rather than formulated ones.

Advantage of Breastfeeding to mothers:

Breast milk helps every breastfeeding mom to save money. Instead of buying for formulated powdered milk which cost much and feeding bottles as well, breast feeding has the capability to do the things which those stuffs can do. Since breastfeeding is promoted worldwide; for sure it will no longer awkward to breastfeed our child whenever we go even in public places (just make sure to have baby sling or breastfeeding cover though).

Unlike from formulated milk, it’s easy to feed our babies. No need for mothers to wash bottles and sterile it to feed their babies. Indeed, saves time and effort.

It is also a good health practice for every mother. When a woman practices breastfeeding, she is low risk from possible diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and even from depression (postpartum depression to be exact) as well. With that, there’s no reason for a woman not to breastfeed her baby.
Those are just some of the advantages why should a woman practice breastfeeding. Because in this way, they don’t just help their kids to be strong but as well, help their selves to be far from getting sick in the future too.

Pure breastfeeding (no water, no food) is good up to 6 months old of the baby. And breastfeeding is good up to two years old and beyond. I hope this helps you, especially those expecting moms and new moms out there.



  1. Kaya siguro naging sakitin ang baby ko before 2month ko lng sya na breast feed them I go back to work na kasi e...

  2. Very informative post here! I didn't know breastfeeding can lower the risk of getting certain diseases :)

  3. I breastfed my son for more than 2 years. It's much cheaper than formula milk but has lots of nutrients :)

  4. If I had my way, I would have breastfed my son when he was a baby because of the healthy benefits of breast milk. Unfortunately, I was able to do that for one day only; that's because I was drinking medication that time.