Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Makes a Kid a Bully?

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of news about bullying. I thought this happens only in foreign countries. Unfortunately, it occurs in our country as well. Recently, I heard in the news about bullying incidents which took place in one of the schools in Metro Manila.

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I wonder why school personnel and even teachers can’t control things such this. To think, they are the ones who are with our kids almost every day. And now, they can’t even manage to control commotions such as bullying? How inconsiderate do you think is that?

And now, I just read an article about how an 11 year old boy turned bully to murder. This is so alerting already. Our government should act something about bullying especially to kids below 15y/o. But let me ask you. What do you think why some kids (bullies) bully other kids?

We all have our views and opinions. And today, I’m going to share to you what are my insights towards this topic.

What are the common reasons why kids become bullies?

For sure, all of us are asking it to ourselves. But have you figured it out already? There are plenty of factors to consider yet the main reason why these attitudes occur in a person (in general) is the lack of guidance of parents towards them especially when they (kids) we’re still young. Definitely, it is. Most of them came from broken families. Although not all, but most of them. While for others, it’s the lack of knowledge of parents on how to raise their kids.

Let’s stick to this tagalog idiom- “Kung ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga(Whatever the tree, so is the fruit). What we used to have when we’re still young will reflect on how we act when we grew up. It will also reflect on how we’re going to raise our kids.

For sure, if you’re parents raised you according to what they know is right… it will result though. It will only be called right if the outcome of it had success but if not, then there’s probably something wrong with it.

No one’s born perfect as to what the saying says. All of us don’t know exactly how to raise a good and obedient child; yet, we know exactly what things are right and wrong. As a parent, guiding them is really important. Thus, being responsible enough not just to them and so to your family but as well to yourself is really essential too. Because everything we do reflects to what we’re going to come up with.

All of us will become a parent, sooner-later… all of us will do. But not all are meant to be a good role model towards their kids. Do you see those kids in streets begging for foods? Do you see those news reports about hold-up, car-napping, bullying and so much more? They are mostly products of broken families.

Either your child is a product of a broken family; you can still raise him to become a better person in the future. Just by letting him feel he’s accepted in the society he’s into, he won’t be a bully neither a victim of bullying. And as well, being there with them physically and emotionally is also one should not forget.

To parents out there… let’s all make a new beginning. Let us guide our kids and support them no matter what. Let’s all start to be a parent to them. 


  1. sad naman... lagi may bully talga sa lahat ng eskuwelahan. :(

  2. I don't want him to be a victim of bullying in school or elsewhere. I always tell my son to tell me and his teacher when someone in school is bullying him.

  3. I think one of the most common cause of bullying from kids is how their parents treat them :( sad that some parents does not know the impact of what they do to their kids..

  4. i agree with mommy Pehpot, most of how children behave outside the home is because of how they are treated at home. if children are constantly bullied by their parents the normal reaction is to do this to other children their age.

  5. We, parents, should be responsible for our kids. We have to be involved in what they do so they won't feel neglected and do bad things to others.